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  1. 1010322S Main Long. Beams - table edge carrying x-rails
  2. 1010302S Cross Support Beams under table top
  3. Umbilical Plate Purpose/Role
  4. Table legs for storing sheets underneath
  5. Vacuum Hold Down Systems
  6. Possibility of making a partly bolted table for transport
  7. Mounting 4th axis rotating indexers or lathes under the gantry
  8. Space-saving vertical table
  9. Screwing the table top to the cross support beams
  10. 1010123 Support Board - material selection (MDF, plywood, other . .)
  11. Wood base table option
  12. Alternative metal table - mostly from 3x1.5" channel
  13. Aluminum vs. Steel
  14. Steel Channel Labeling (US)
  15. Mis-placed X-rail - what to do now?
  16. General Table Question
  17. Y axis sag
  18. Newby question re driving one side
  19. Converting Base Table For Plasma Cutting
  20. All acrylic gate valve for the vacuum hold down
  21. Fastening the racks to the underside of the rails
  22. Weight of Table, Gantry, Y Car and Z Slide
  23. Moving the beast around the shop - wheels, etc.
  24. 10 10 302 S - Maximum spacing of cross bearers
  25. Basic theory of vacuum holddown & pumps
  26. Holding smaller parts on table
  27. Why the gap between the support/spoil board and beams?
  28. 10 10 300 W "CRITICAL" note?
  29. For those who go with mitered tubes - this might help
  30. Support / Spoil board sizing
  31. Steel sizes & gauge substitute info! (can we make it lighter and cheaper?)
  32. maximum tabel size ?
  33. Isolate Vibration?
  34. MechMate Gantry on a Moving X Table?
  35. Adjustable and/or isolating feet under table legs?
  36. Side Raisers instead of a Base Table
  37. Getting rails coplaner and straight
  38. Problems with square washers (also called taper or bevel washers)
  39. Foul between diagonal brace and tip of cross-support channel
  40. Bolt only - no weld?
  41. Problem with Main Longitudinal Beam
  42. Various Y-dimensions - a schematic guide
  43. C Channel of Cross Bearings not square
  44. Re-alignment after dis-assembly - getting all parts into position at the new location
  45. Possible way to get recycled steel?
  46. Dovetail Jig - must the table be extended?
  47. Hockey puck leveling feet.
  48. End boring shelves etc.
  49. Fixing the spoilboard to the support board
  50. Plasma Build questions
  51. 10 10 300 D What is Dimension "M"
  52. Choice of support board materials
  53. Legs - their purpose and sizing (Can legs be bolted......?)
  54. Potential problems with placing diagonal braces
  55. What tool to use?
  56. gauge bar suggestion
  57. Main Beam - Structural Channel vs Ship Channel
  58. What is the purpose of a spoil board or bleeder board?
  59. Surfacing the table
  60. Base table out off square
  61. Structural design of an Indexer Valley
  62. A fourth axis attachment concept
  63. Rectangular tube instead of C Channel
  64. What is the optimal table height for ease of use and safety?
  65. Rail grinding
  66. Space use and Shopbot table designs
  67. Table: Adjustable/Lift Design
  68. Longitudinal beam options for 350mm Z-axis
  69. Just getting started.. couple questions...
  70. Welding legs onto BIG longitudinal beams
  71. Attach the cross bearers first or attach support board first?
  72. Can the X,Y zero be moved from right to left front?
  73. flattening the pipe ends
  74. Using Sanding Pads instead of Sanding Disks for rail construction
  75. X Rail I beam thickness??
  76. Screw M7
  77. Sacrificial wood on base frame?
  78. Vacuum Table....
  79. My 4th axis
  80. 4th Axis from china
  81. Cut list ...
  82. Whichprecise location of the coast(ribs) of crossbars Y to compared with 2 giders X
  83. x & Y rails from stainless steel????
  84. Removable Base Table
  85. Will my legs be strong enough
  86. 10 10 302 S Location Alteration
  87. what type of bleeder board to use?
  88. Table size for 49"x24" net cut area.
  89. a solution for gaining 10 cm more space on the z axis
  90. Welding.
  91. Good Base Table build video on Youtube
  92. Is the Main longitudinal beam Taper Flange or Parallel Flange Channel
  93. Alternative idea for the machine base
  94. I beams for x rails?
  95. Bowed I Beam!!