View Full Version : Table legs for storing sheets underneath

Wed 29 November 2006, 15:41
The plans are coming along great, but for my needs (and maybe others who have a smaller shop), I need some storage for sheet goods under the Mech.

I was thinking about maybe 2 shelves where 4x8' sheets in two different thicknesses could be stored.

I'm thinking 2 shelves so that I don't have to un-stack a bunch of materials to get to the size I need.

Of course, I still want the Mech base as stiff as possible.

I would think that a few hundred pounds of wood could dampen out some vibration too. As I have read about people filling their legs with concrete or sand to cut down on vibration.

Because of the side rails, I would think that the "open end" of the rack should be the small dimension (Y axis) of the base. Naturally the Y axis of the Mech table is where materials get loaded onto it, so that would be the easiest side to actually use too.

So, any ideas out there? It sounds like a simple modification, but if somebody already has a picture or a design that actually works, I then don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Wed 29 November 2006, 23:34
The top table in this thread (http://www.mechmate.com/Forum/messages/2/44.html) works fine.

Fri 01 December 2006, 01:26
That's exactly what I had in mind, but my browser did not go back that far to find it!