View Full Version : x & Y rails from stainless steel????

Tue 23 October 2012, 11:51
Just a tought, can i build X & Y rails from stainless steel angle iron?
and the v groove wheels also from stainless steel
it,s harder than normal steel what is youre opinion on it?

greetings Eddie

Tue 23 October 2012, 18:43
I think you should save your money and go with Mild Steel. The amount you will save will be better spent somewhere else. Also Stainless isnt always harder than mild steel. Its a matter what what kind you get. You should look up Rockwell Hardness (industrial standard) to figure out what will work in our application.

Also dont forget that you have to cut and grind these rails. No small feat even with mild steel.

Gerald D
Tue 23 October 2012, 23:31
There are many different types of stainless steel and there are big differences in hardness. The cheaper 304 is easy to work with, but I don't think it will really be better than mild steel.

Mon 29 October 2012, 16:22
Carbon will be around .45 cents per pound SS 304 $1.95 per pound. Would not be worth the trade. It would look nice and you would save a little on paint.