View Full Version : Mis-placed X-rail - what to do now?

Gerald D
Wed 15 August 2007, 23:49
This one arrived this morning:

I'm sorry to bother you with a private message but I'm embarassed to put this on the the forum for everyone to see.

I made a mistake. After 6 hours of work straightening and installing my first x axis rail, I noticed that I had placed it .22" too close to the vertical flange of one of the main beams. After doing the math, it appears that it won't interfere with my rack and pinion but I'm wondering if it will interfere with anything else. I haven't installed the other rail that is parallel with it because I wanted to wait on an answer from you first.

PS. I realize that I will have to shorten the guage rod and the gantry beams and that I will lose some Y axis travel\capacity if I don't change it but the rail is so straight and it was so hard to get it this way, I'd rather not relocate it unless I absolutely have to.

Thanks for being so generous with your time and for all your help.


Gerald D
Thu 16 August 2007, 00:04
Don't be so shy about it :)

If your rack will fit in there, down the full length of the rail, with still a small space between the rack and the channel beam, then breathe a sigh of relief!

Don't change anything else, like shortening the gantry, etc. Simply mount the far rail over by the same amount. I allowed for racks up to 16mm [5/8"] wide, and about 6mm [1/4"] welding distortion/bowing of the main beams. Seems like your welding is a lot better than that!

There is 50mm [2"] extra travel all around the wood table top, but you could mount the wood slightly off-center. I wouldn't bother for 0.22" [5.6mm].

The angle iron rail overhanging a bit further (far side) is no problem either, since it is plenty strong enough. It was chosen 6mm [1/4"] thick for wear resistance and not for strength - so it is extra strong.

All in all, a minor slip with absolutely no ill-effects. :)