View Full Version : Dovetail Jig - must the table be extended?

Tue 10 February 2009, 12:56
I know I have seen the answer somewhere but I can't find it,

I'm just in the process of ordering my Steel for my table and wondering if I build the standard table for a 49" x 97" sheet, would I have any extra X for a dovetail Jig past my spoilboard or would I have to "adjust" my X rails to accommodate the extra length I'm looking for..


Tue 10 February 2009, 13:22

I'm not sure if others have planned for cutting dovetails or other joinery in the ends of boards, but Erick and I allowed for the possibility of this by creating another set of mounting holes for the first 'X' axis cross-member. This will allow the first cross-member to be positioned back another 6" and along with this repositioning, we would cut 6" off of the spoiler board. Also, we plan to make the base of the table a bit taller to allow for longer boards to be placed on end.



Gerald D
Tue 10 February 2009, 13:41
Rene, I did allow 2" extra, but that was for large cutter diameters. You will manage 1" thick boards with 1" diameter cutters, without lengthening the x-rails, but that is cutting it fine.

Tue 10 February 2009, 14:50
Thanks Guys, I think I'll build in a extra 6"-12" and avoid the bangs..

Oh ya, Grerald the plans & the Forum are great.. thanks, I can hardly wait til my cut parts come from Heath (domino11)..

Tue 10 February 2009, 15:11
Parts are being bent right now, shouldn't be too long. :) I think I also saw some people had made a small slot in their spoilboard for doing dovetails and edge routing, not sure if that would be a good option. Extra length on the table would also give you room for an indexer or lathe. :)