View Full Version : What is the purpose of a spoil board or bleeder board?

Sun 09 August 2009, 16:35
I would like to update to a Vacuum hold down but need to learn more about Spoil boards in a hold down systems.
We currently use a flat plastic top table to cut plastic sheet material into many different shapes the sizes larger than 2”. The shapes are not repeated in any order so using a dictated gasket fixture is not possible.
We use application tape (like 16” wide masking tape) on the bottom of the plastic sheet to hold the small items together like onion skin and double face tape to hold the application tape to the table top. We cut through the plastic sheet but not the through the application tape.

Sun 09 August 2009, 17:00

The spoil board is just what it means. It is a waste board. You cut it up and run you spoil board bit to smooth it out. When it gets too thin you replace it.

Those with vacuum systems suck through the MDF.