View Full Version : Alternative metal table - mostly from 3x1.5" channel

Loren Gameros
Fri 08 June 2007, 14:29
I have some scrap 1.5" x 3" Channel that I was thinking about using?

Any advice before I start cutting would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a pic.

Marc Shlaes
Fri 08 June 2007, 14:49
I would also be interested in Gerald's thoughts. Although the cut and re-weld option is reasonable - and I never even thought of it - I like this drawing.

Loren, were you thinking of a) Drill and Tap; b) Nut and Bolt; c) Weld Nut?


Loren Gameros
Fri 08 June 2007, 14:56
I was going to use the nut and bolt method with the tapered washers at the angled flanges. I figured I would combine lock washers with lock tight and see how it goes. If I have to weld this puppy then I will, but I am going to drill and bolt to start.

I don't think that I will tap any of these holes.

Oh yea, thanks for the compliment on the drawing but...

The drawing that you liked was done using paint brush! LOL I don't know how to use any CAD programs yet.

Loren Gameros
Fri 08 June 2007, 15:18
You make the best with what you know and have, so here is a plan view that was made in paint brush.:o

You can make this basic table any size you want.

Gerald D
Fri 08 June 2007, 22:43
Loren, the first impression was that it is okay.....

But, then I realised your "drawing" is not to scale. Those channels are not that heavy in the overall scale of things. How are you going to make (and attach) the long beams for the X-rails?

Loren Gameros
Fri 08 June 2007, 23:10
I know this isn't to scale because I used the graphics program that came with my computor. The program I used is called "Paint Brush. I THINK IT COMES WITH EVERY COMPUTOR? This was just for reference.

As far as attaching the the rails my "plan" was to just bolt them down to the cross member channels. Really I am just trying to make due with what I have at this point and I have plywood and steel channel. I will save the plywood for something else. If you think that there is going to be a glitch let me know, I really don't want to go backwards. I plan on cutting up this channel on Monday. Today is Friday night.

Once again Gerald thanks for your time and patience.
I hope I get this right.
Loren Gameros

Gerald D
Sat 09 June 2007, 00:44

You want to un-bolt for moving. . . . .how small do you want the movable pieces?

What size table are you building?

(It looks like a wet weekend here - I might make some sketches)

I suggest that you do not rush the building of the table. That should be the last thing that you do. I suggest that you build the gantry and y-car first. Put the gantry on trestles and wire it. Let the Y and Z axis start moving. Then build the table.

Loren Gameros
Sat 09 June 2007, 03:42
Ok. Thanks for the advice.

Loren Gameros
Sun 10 June 2007, 14:29
You want to un-bolt for moving. . . . .how small do you want the movable pieces?
I was thinking of making the whole thing come apart into individual pieces? I was going to just bolt it together first and see what problems I had. I will weld whatever needs to be welded once I get the thing bolted together.

What size table are you building?
I plan on cutting 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. The table will be 6'x10' with the rails being 11' long.