View Full Version : Foul between diagonal brace and tip of cross-support channel

Wed 26 November 2008, 23:02
I finally had some time working on the table, while welding the side rail cross tube I forgot to leave enough room for the cross beam:eek::eek:, Oh well I cut it out and reweld it tomorrow. I also installed some rubber casters for ease of moving around the garage. I canít wait to get the table done so I can start working on the electronic parts.

Gerald D
Wed 26 November 2008, 23:29
Dang, that foul between the cross-support channel and the diagonal brace also caught me originally. Hence this note on drawing 1010310W:


My original "fix" was to cut a piece out of the cross-support. That part of the cross-support does nothing for its strength.

Wed 26 November 2008, 23:35
If you cut angles on the ends of the cross rails, as indicated on the drawings, it may well avoid hitting that tube, try that first before cutting the welds loose.

Thu 27 November 2008, 00:17
Your both right if I cut the cross beam at an angle there is plenty of room left without hitting the tube. I feel stupid now its a simpy fix why didn't I think of that.


Thu 27 November 2008, 19:38
Cutting the end angle worked out great still had 1/4 inch gap left.

I add and extra foot just in case I ever decide to add and indexer or tool changer later in the future but didn't realize the gap will be that big though.