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Thu 18 December 2014, 19:58
Is there a welding sequence for the table that minimizes distortion? I plan on using a smaller flux core mig (not too much heat) - but I am still concerned about keeping the table square while welding and would like to know if there's any proven methods.

Thu 18 December 2014, 20:47
I bolted my wood table on , before I welded mine out, did not move. I just skipped side to side.Just tack it up good, then bolt your spoil board down, then weld it out but make sure it is square and level.

Thu 18 December 2014, 21:49
Yes, there is a sequence. Its in the plan & in many of the building threads.

Thu 18 December 2014, 22:51
I see a sequence for welding the gantry spider, but if you could be more specific to the exact page of the plans where I can see a sequence for the table.

Sat 20 December 2014, 13:29

It is actually detail here in the forum.
The forum numbering is the same as the plans on purpose. This is the online manual.

Sat 20 December 2014, 15:02
That is not the table..

Gerald D
Sat 20 December 2014, 21:51
The stationary table itself does not need, or have, a welding sequence. The final stiffening of the table is the spoil board. Rails are aligned with shims.

Sat 20 December 2014, 22:42
Thanks Gerald.

Sun 21 December 2014, 14:51
...my apologies, I didn't fully realize it was the table portion you were asking about.