View Full Version : 10 10 302 S Location Alteration

Tom Ayres
Sat 13 April 2013, 12:33
I have laid-out the location of cross bearers on a story stick to show me the potential location problems (leg interference). Based on the center-line offset stated in drawing 10 10 300 W of 100mm or 3.9", the center-line of one of the cross bearers is on the edge of a support by 14mm:eek:. The question is whether to just move the one over 14mm, or to shift the entire cross bearer layout another 14mm thus making the actual offset 114mm? I understand the reason for the offset but not sure if moving an additional 14mm is problematic. :confused: Personally I'd opt for moving the one.

Tom Ayres
Sun 14 April 2013, 10:32
Just welded up the Y Car, everything square, parallel and flat to the surface.

Mon 15 April 2013, 02:18
Depending on the router / spindle diameter and clamp your offset will vary and it should not matter if you make it 114mm I think there is enough over-travel calculated in the design to allow for this

Wed 17 April 2013, 22:33
You have a fair bit of freedom where to put your Z axis when you install it in the car so the added offset is not a worry

Tom Ayres
Wed 17 April 2013, 22:47
Thanks Guys, now the problem is finding a 5' x 12' 1"+ thick support board. seems they're not available in the region, I'll have to go with 3/4".

Thu 18 April 2013, 00:55
You can always glue up 2 pieces 1/2 inch board, there are no performance issue. Even better with 2 pieces of 3/4" board to make up 1 1/2" inch spoil board.

Thu 18 April 2013, 07:28
I used 3/4 and 1/2 glued up together.
That 5x12 MDF panel is HEAVY!

Tom Ayres
Thu 18 April 2013, 20:22
Truthfully I think the 5' x 12' -3/4" is all I can get without ordering a unit. I figure I can either fasten one on the frame to finish the welding then glue the second while in place or glue them both up in a vacuum bag then fasten to the frame. I'd rather do the first because of the weight. In any case I can then flatten when the MM is up and running.