View Full Version : End boring shelves etc.

Mon 16 February 2009, 16:55
Can the MM be made to handle horizontal boring, say for dowelling the ends of cabinet parts. If so then how is this achieved?

Mon 16 February 2009, 17:17
I can think of some creative ways to handle this, but first: How large are the parts you want to bore, and how large and deep will the holes be?

Tue 17 February 2009, 15:08
The horizontal drilling would usually be done on the ends of kitchen cabinet bottoms. Panels are normally 18mm MFC, any width from 300-600mm. The lenghts would vary depending on the width of the cabinet. Widest cabinets are usually 1000mm, so the bottom panel would be 964mm.
The holes are 8mm dia. x 15mm deep

Tue 17 February 2009, 22:12
As a starting thought, maybe this is a vertical drilling application.

Could you fashion a large vice/clamp at the end of your spoilboard to allow holding the panel in place vertically, and then drilling down using your mechmate? You may need to ensure that your MM is tall enough to accomodate your largest anticipated panels.

Wed 18 February 2009, 02:57

Gary Campbell on the ShopBot site has a working vacuum system he uses for handling boards at the end of the table. I couldn't locate the link. Gary has a number of inventive solutions that he has developed and is using. I will keep looking for it.

Wed 18 February 2009, 15:58
I like the idea of clamping the panels to the end of the spoilboard. This could be jigged up quite easily.
I suppose my initial thoughts were if there could be a second spindle mounted horizontally. Now I think of it, this would probably be way too much work to achieve.

Sun 03 May 2009, 13:46
Have you thought about have two routers?

One for vertical work; i.e.: Cutting and vertical drilling, and one for horizontal work: i.e.: dove tailing and horizontal drilling.

Seems this would save time changing tools and the positioning of a single router, as well as helping to maintain accuracy.

Mon 04 May 2009, 06:33
Morris Dovey used to have a page on his website devoted to just such a modification to his ShopBot, but has since taken it down. In its place, he shows an adjustable angle bevel platform for cutting tenons - I think it might do what you want it to do and be more flexible in the bargain: