View Full Version : Side Raisers instead of a Base Table

Thu 28 August 2008, 19:04
I have an idea for a "base table" that would be good for what I intend using a mechmate for...

Instead of making a Base Table I am wondering if "Side Raisers" Bolted to the Floor would work well?... I am sure that they would work well at least for a while, my concern is that with different temperatures a problem may arise with the alignments of the Wheels/tracks...

Any thoughts?



Gerald D
Fri 29 August 2008, 00:10
Consider this, with hinge on floor at one side:


Or, let the V-rollers float horizontally, or use flat rollers on a flat rail which is kept clean.

Fri 29 August 2008, 07:08
Hi Gerald thanks for the input

" let the V rollers float horizontally"? Do you mean for them to be loose (at one side) with axial play, so they can move back and forth?

Gerald D
Fri 29 August 2008, 09:17
Yeah, something like that, but I havn't thought of the detail.

Thu 10 October 2013, 04:55
Instead of using legs why not use two tripod ? (the picture is only a sample)

Fri 11 October 2013, 11:09
I haven't seen two Mechmate machines look a like. Everyone builds their machine with their intended purpose in mind. I really think that this is what makes the Forum so great. I am really interested in seeing how your machine develops. Good Luck and keep safety in mind.