View Full Version : Converting Base Table For Plasma Cutting

Mon 17 December 2007, 18:09
Does anyone have any ideas what should be done with the table design to convert to plasma cutting? I was considering installing a removable grid of 1/4" thick material on edge above the supports. That may cause some issues with molten metal bouncing back from the supports and hitting the underside of the material being cut. What does the group think? If someone has pictures of a coverted table they would be greatly appreciated.



Mon 17 December 2007, 20:29
A similar machine that you may look at as a reference can be found at http://ez-router.com

This machine may look similar to the MechMate, but is far inferior in design, quality and dependability. Just pay attention to the 1/4" x 3" flat bar grid as the table surface.

Tue 18 December 2007, 05:50
Many plasma tables have a water tray located beneath the material support grid to capture/quench the blow through. I'm not sure but I think there is a rough calculation of plasma power vs water depth.

You also need to plan for fume extraction. If you think MDF dust is bad, consider what vaporized metal would do you skin and lungs!


Tue 18 December 2007, 11:55
You might also want to subscribe to the Yahoo group on CNC Plasma cutters: