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Thu 08 December 2011, 04:55
Hello guys,
Here is my design for the 4th axis. It's not complete but this week I hope that will be ready. I hope it will help somehow.

Thu 08 December 2011, 06:45
A stand alone indexer ?.... You don't need Y-movement for something like this do you?

Thu 08 December 2011, 07:12
Y movement is very useful - think about using the cutter off center so you are cutting with the bottom of the cutter and not the side (wide flat bottom cutter) or if you want to do flutes with a side cutting bit that follows a curved profile down the length of the job - having all four axes work together opens up interesting posibilities.

BTW Marius interesting machine.

Thu 08 December 2011, 07:18
Maybe Alan, but with Aspire I can do wonderful things on only 3 axis. I think programming will be more intense when you want to make use of all 4 axis.
But I agree with Alan, very interesting machine...and the fact that it leaves your Mechmate free to do other work is a BIG plus...nice going Marius.

Thu 08 December 2011, 07:20
Hi Kobus,
My ideea was to remove the indexer if you don't need in order to use the router normaly. When I'll use the indexer there will be another profile in Mach. Something like that will be instaled on MM. Perhaps this week I'll finish the indexer to give a try with DeskProto. I was out of the country that's why I didn't send the g code. You can use the program for free in full 30 days. The price is more than OK.
One more thing: DP is a true 4 axis program. So the all axis will work (I hope :D)
A nice day to all.

Thu 08 December 2011, 07:25
I did try your g-code that you send me and it looks OK. Only did a AIR-CUT.
I don't change my Mach profile as I have 5 drivers in my control box and all are wired to their steppers.
When I do indexing, all I do is use the PostProcessor in Aspire for wrapping and away I go.
When I cut x,y,z, I save my file with the normal Mach P-P and away I go.

Thu 08 December 2011, 22:54
Aaaah!! now I can see them. Thanks a lot man, this is a great job.