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Tue 21 June 2011, 10:08
Heeelp ! I just started to build a new cnc machine, my own design... For this machine I did some serious shopping and the major objective was to use linear slides. For the Y axis I found on eBay a linear slide from THK 25mm with flange. The price was good, the items are new but the holes for fixing the slide has a "special" dimension 7mm. Finding screws with this dimensions become a nightmare :eek:. Did someone know from where I can buy such screws?

Gerald D
Tue 21 June 2011, 10:29
7mm is a typical hole size for a 6mm screw.

Tue 21 June 2011, 18:28
When I finish reading all the info from their site (THK) I realized that is no such screw in the installation guide... :o.
I forgot one of the mottos of this site: READ, READ and READ again.
Thank you Gerald

Tue 21 June 2011, 18:37
One more thing: each part of this project before sending to the laser machine was cut with MM for testing. It's good to build a machine using yours .
What can I say: somehow MM is the mother of the new machine :).

Wed 22 June 2011, 14:42
do you have a build log for the new machine? at cnczone?

Thu 23 June 2011, 04:36
Yes I started the second project and this is the link http://www.cnczone.com/forums/diy-cnc_router_table_machines/127931-just_started_bulding_second_machine.html.
Looking at the new structure, each day I get to the same conclusion:next step linear bearings on my MM.