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Helge F. Holm
Wed 17 January 2007, 11:08
Anyone, ever considered the possibility of mounting the entire MechMate, vertically on a wall? Here I Norway I have seen some plywood board cutters mounted at a wall. The idea may seem stupid, but as long as the work piece is secured, the orientation of table doesn?t matter. The major benefit is floor space. Second is the fact that chips of material will fall to the ground a vacuum dust control system is not absolute required. However you may need the vacuum for securing the work piece. (*) One benefit for us office rats is that its easier to move a ?, 4?x8? plywood while its vertical

Hope you all have inputs on wall mounting.

This is the solution for me. I hope to cut my own panels for an everlasting kayak project. It?s a stitch ?n glue design. + I have a disk, drawer and a head full of designs waiting for my own mill. Lack of floor space is a killer to most of my DIY projects. Therefore I came up whit this idea.

Is there a good patent for vacuum fixing of the work piece? I haven?t read all treads yet, (Got the link today), but can?t see any good designs o this. The problem whit vacuum is that it?s punctured as soon the tool cuts the boards. You may have several sections on the table with vacuum but still its difficult to secure panels properly.

Kim Mortensen
Wed 17 January 2007, 16:01
U will need a good vacuum table. Every time u cut a piece it will loose a little bit of grip on the table if not vacuumed properly to the table. I'm not sure how you should make the vacuum seal for each piece on the table, but I think it would represent a problem for you no matter what you do. But also consider this, by tilting the table you will need some very strong Steppers for the Y car as it is quite heavy with all components mounted to it. Also when the Y car travels down again you will need something to act as a counterweight or else you will propably loose a lot of steps on the way down again. A Wall mounted circular saw is easier to use this way cause it is han operated and not mechanically operated as the X and Y car on the Mechmate.

Lee Wenger
Tue 03 April 2007, 21:51
CamTech makes a router that generally fits the description... http://www.camtech.ca/products/routers/spacemaker/SpaceOverview.cfm

Is that what you were thinking?

I've always liked this idea due to the improved space utilization of this design but it seems to me that the idea is reliant on having a vacuum table. Or maybe a t-slot table at a minimum. I've also wondered about how beefy of a Y motor you'd need for such a design either that or a hefty gas spring or counter-weight.

Fri 04 July 2008, 23:34
Hello has anyone had any thoughts on building a wall mounted mech mate or a vertical one to save on space? I have been giving it some thought , anyone have input on this pros or cons. My thoughts are that it would save on floor space,if it was bolted to a block wall it would be very stable and the dust and chips would not build up on the work. my thought was to build it on a slope like a panel saw with with tracks across for clamping the work . I just wanted to know your thoughts?

Robert M
Sat 05 July 2008, 06:10
Hi Jeff,

Have a look at what this guy did, (http://www.cnczone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6840) not a Blue beast, but some grounds for your thoughts.

Gerald D
Sat 05 July 2008, 06:34
Spacesaver (http://www.dynacnc.com/page8883.asp)

Wed 23 July 2008, 08:55
I read your post from last year about a vertical Mechmate. I've been thinking about the same for a long time, any progress on your front? :D Anybody else? ;)Keep up the good work, this forum is simply the best. Regards Viktor

Tue 01 September 2009, 20:16
I Have also given this Idea some thought.
Has any one have ideas or working on a wall mounted unit?


Tue 01 September 2009, 21:05
I believe this is the only thread on this topic here. You can see from the post dates that it has stagnated. You will probably see more threads on this type of machine over at www.cnczone.com.