Build your own "MechMate" . . . .


The MechMate is a sturdy, reliable, full-size CNC router that is ideal for cutting plywood and MDF on a continuous daily basis with little maintenance.

The drawings used for producing our in-house MechMate CNC routers are published on this site. The plans and information from this site can be used by small companies and persons to build "once-off" machines which may not be sold for profit.

(Please contact us if you want to produce multiple MechMate machines or components for sale.)

The Forum is where all the instructions are located, with the drawings in the downloads topic. Full viewing of all pictures and data requires you to register at the Forum.

Scroll down this page to see feedback from folk who have followed the plans and see some pictures of the machines that they built . . . . . .



"Hat's off to all you guys for helping me. I am open to criticisms and suggestions. I love it. It is only through such comments that you could perfect your machine and also at the same time use this forum to build the best available machine under the sun which gives you good value for money." Fabrica, Sri Lanka


"I know I'm going to have lots of fun and probably even some serious challenges but it will be worth it, because I'll end up with the CNC router i've been dreaming about for 8 years. Thanks in advance for all the help. I see it passed out everyday on this forum, thanks . . . . .

. . . . let me say how impressed I am with the way all the parts fit together, just like a giant jigsaw puzzle." J.R. Hatcher, Wilmington, North Carolina


"The Mechmate is fantastic after severals cuts and . . . . so easy to use!.... I have already jobs with customers i have as supervizor architect : ... First euros in few times ... Amazing !" Pierre, Caussens, France

"The support here is superior to most companies with technicians on the payroll." Don Ross, Blue Ridge, Texas


". . .Man, she's FAST!!!! . . . I bet I don't get a minute's sleep tonight. . . . I've been dreaming about this day for years . . . . . Thanks again.

. . . . to thank all the other people that helped me along the way with great advice. . .

. . . I honestly enjoyed every single second of the process. The best thing is that I know this machine from top to bottom so if (or when) it breaks, I should have a good shot at getting it going again. If anyone has questions, please don't hesitate to ask . . ."
Doug Ford, Conway, Arkansas

"No chatter, no "arc pulsing" either. . . . it's a really nice finish. I was able to go straight to flame polished edge without touching the plastic with sandpaper or burnishing tools." Sean Reish, Orlando, Florida
"I have to say that I no longer am worrying about whether this thing is going to work or not. It cuts great, and I am happy to say that it has been making money for me already." John, Wiseton, Saskatchewan



". . this machine can pay it self in very short time. . . . gave me the opportunity to build in five month the type of machine that I spend five years before trying to build. Again my deep respect" Hugo, Pto. Ordaz, Venezuela
". .this thing is ADDICTIVE....once you start you just cannot stop.

Thanks for making this available for the man in the street like me. This dream came together thanks to all the wonderful people on this forum." Kobus, Dalview, South Africa.


"I have to say that this is a great CNC router design.

Thank You (all posters) for the free Engineering services. I don't think people realize how much accurate, timely, and courteous information is available at this forum. This site can make you a wealthy person." Greg, Hagerman, New Mexico

"Thanks guys couldn't have done it with out all the support and encouragement here from Gerald and you guys." Ed Denton, Alamogordo, NM


"Thanks Gerald & everybody for your kind help and encouragement. MISSION ACHIEVED.

I gained (learned) a lot during this built and lost one tap drill, one drill a hammerd finger, some cuts and bruises and of course lot of sweat and amnesia . . .

Of course I and my family are very proud of this achievement."
Sharma, Rajasthan, India

". . . Man has it been a great ride. What a rush to think the average Joe Blow like me can build and run a CNC router. I used to think stuff like this was reserved for equipment from multi-million dollar companies. Thus far, I have to say the Mechmate has exceeded every expectation. It runs more smoothly than a commercial machine made in Taiwan . . . I am blown away. For those that are still hanging out wondering if it is really as good as people on this forum say it is, get started; you won't be sorry. The education you get from Gerald, the people on this forum, and the experience of doing it yourself is worth more than words can describe." David, Taibao, Taiwan


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