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Thread Tools
Old Wed 07 March 2007, 08:28
Just call me:
Tools needed to build and operate the MechMate - gift ideas (from them to YOU!)

If your family is wondering what to buy you for your birthday, here is the beginnings of a list...

- 150mm [6"] digital caliper (with auto-off to maintain batteries) Froogle

- "Pocket" or "fisherman's" hanging scale, 25kg [60 #] example

- Multimeter (Volts/Amps/Ohms) with temperature probe.

- Dental mirror (to check rack & pinion teeth)

- Set of feeler gauges

- Low speed portable electric drill for drilling steel and not wood.

- Set of thread taps + handle

- Baby angle grinder with thin cutting discs.

- G-clamps

- Earplugs

- Ear protectors with built in FM radio

- First aid kit

- Fire extinguisher

- Cordless drill


Any more ideas?
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Old Sat 16 June 2007, 10:40
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Ratchet crimper, similar to this one. (That one seems to be very low in price?) Used mostly for "8009K36 Crimp-on Pin Terminal Vinyl Insulated, 22-18 Wire Gauge", red, from McMaster Carr where the supply & motor wires enter the Geckos and also "7227K12 Crimp-on Butt Splice Vinyl Insulated, 22-18 Awg" to join the motor cables to the motor leads.

Wire stripper, similar to this one.

You can get a set like this, just to lay your hands on an assortment of terminals to start with. But the plier tool is mostly junk and the ratchet crimper replaces it.

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Old Sat 26 April 2008, 18:59
Greg J
Just call me: Greg #13
Hagerman, New Mexico
United States of America
Gantry Crane

I couldn't have built the MM without building this gantry crane first. It's rated for 2 tons, but I de-rated it to 1.0 ton by putting a 1.0 ton chain hoist on it. I'm just conservative when it comes to safety.

The feature I like the most are the wheels. I can move it around the shop easily, but when a load of about 500 to 800 lbs is applied, the wheels are spring loaded and the gantry is seated firmly to the floor. The height is fully adjustable. In the picture, it has a 12 foot clearance.

Here's the link for plans. $16 for plans.

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Thread Tools

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