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Old Thu 30 April 2015, 19:22
Just call me: SolarImages
Bisbee, AZ
United States of America
Looking for some clues here..

Been quite awhile since i have visited this forum So.. "Hello all!"
Anyway kinda getting back into the cnc machine building again. This time i was given a Dynacnc Machine the company has gone out of Business so not sure this is a good thing. This machine has a 6' X travel and a 11' Y travel. It uses servo motors Iconi: 14.06 LB-IN Iconi: 7.3 amps vrated 90 VDC speed 3000 rpm.

these are driven by the gecko legacy 320 drivers (3 of them) X,Y,Z

they used Hiwinn precision bearings and X,Y use rack and pinion drives Z is a 5 start acme ballscrew.

Just looking for opinions as to where to go from here the acme screw i think needs to be replaced for a ballscrew. ( need to find a vendor) The limit switches do not work so i believe if an encoder fails it will run away without them?

So anyway good to be sorta back i know this is not a machmate but this is the only place i have ever learned anything really from building a CNC cheers all!
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Old Sun 10 May 2015, 18:39
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
Hi, nice to have you back, but I hate to suggest, you might check CNCZone for more appropriate response in a more timely way.

As we all know, Mike & Gerald are pretty focused on the MechMate forums being focused on MechMate.

Take care.
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