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Old Tue 25 August 2009, 16:49
Just call me: Thierry
Universal Stepper Controller

Hi from France,

Who know this card ?

Now we have driver like G203 which make Ásteps up to 1/256 or more, input pulse up 300 khz, but our BOB is limited at 15/20khz in the best case.

On the most of our MechMate
We can found: stepper gearedmotor 1/3.6 - 35 teeths (109.96 mm per turn) - Ásteps 1/10 - resolution 0.015 mm - one turn = 7200 pulses ( 7.2 khz)

With universal stepper controller, we can use 1/32 Ásteps/resolution = 0.0043

=> one turn / s need 23 040 pulses => impossible with normal computer

Displacement on the X axis, high speed for example 300 mm/s need 2.73 turns pinion and 62 899 pulses or frequency of 62 khz.

All this seems possible with this card ? Magic or truth ? easy to install ?

What is your opinion ?


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Old Tue 25 August 2009, 21:41
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Thierry, there are a couple of cards which will generate the steps outside of your PC. Most people use the SmoothStepper because it is supported by the Mach3 software. (The Pico UnivStep runs with EMC2 software).

In France you also have with some controllers. I am sure that there are many more.
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