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Old Fri 09 January 2009, 10:31
Just call me: MUG
Heavy spindle


It's my first so I would like to say hi to all members

I decided I'll start building MechMate, I plan to do V-carving in hard granite so I need spindle with higher power (~6 kW) than you guys use for wood cutting.

The question is that will MechMate handle 17kg+ spindle on its orginal constuction of Z slide?

I understand that gas spring holds spider with spindle (so I need one that will hold my weight setup) but will PK296A2A-SG7.2 motor be able to move z slide when it's so heavy or I need some other way to mount spider (ball screw) or maybe more powerfull motor ?

Some other things I should be aware while building? (or it's impossible to adopt MechMate to work in such hard material ? )

What do you suggest?
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Old Sat 10 January 2009, 09:07
Just call me: Irfan #33
I doubt if Mechmate can handle granite - its basically designed for softer materials.

you might however try something like this

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Old Sun 11 January 2009, 07:11
Just call me: Ries #46
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ey Mug,

welcome to the forum! it seems you are going to build something heavy!

The guys from Brazil in this thread : are building something heavy when I see there Z-slide.
May be you want to contact these persons and ask them if they did any other modifications for such a big spindle?

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Old Sun 11 January 2009, 08:49
Just call me: MUG
Well yes, it will be heavier to be sure it's stiff, so steel will be thicker if comes to Y a Z axis construction, but as I mentioned in my earlier post I'm not sure about the construction of Z axis (ie. if rails and motor will be enough to hold all the weight and be stiff).

Ries I think I'll have to make changes to the Z axis like guys in the link you posted did.

Still looking for some advice
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