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Fri 05 August 2011, 06:37
My last relief work... i hope you like.

Model create in Nevercenter Silo.


Paulo Marcos G. Bubolz
Design libertário - Free files for milling (http://designlibertario.wordpress.com/)

Fri 27 July 2018, 07:35
First off, very nice work.

Not knowing much about this kind of software, I have a few questions if you please.
1. I assume the you took that picture and made it into a graphic on the computer using a software called Silo?
2. Can this software output to a G-code or how would you do that?
3. Your post said free milling file, but when I clicked on it, I did not find it. I realize this was some time ago, but is the file available?
4. What other software do you know of that does this kind of conversion. Hopefully something affordable.

Thank you for your post and I hope you can find a time to reply to me. I am wanting to use a CNC router to make items like this and am new to all of this. I am doing much research to find out how to do the many things that CNC can do.

Thank you Bubolz

Fri 27 July 2018, 12:17


01 - Yes.
02 - After modeling in Silo the 3D file is saved with STL extension. The STL file is opened in a CAM software, it is the CAM that will transform the 3D file into machine coordinates (G-Code).
03 - The file is now being sold on my site, see here: http://www.designmakerspace.com/downloads/christ-3d-relief/
04 - The STL format is the most common 3D file format there is, any 3D modeling software will be able to export to that format. If you want to do work with relief, I recommend that you try using ArtCAM or Aspire, these software allows the modeling of the reliefs and already have tools to create the G-Code for milling.

Mon 30 July 2018, 07:34
Thank you for responding. Very Nice work. I will go to the web page to look at purchasing the file. I appreciate you info and explanation also.

Do you, or do you know anyone that has the same type of file, but of the "Last Supper?" Do you have additional files you have done?

Thanks again,