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Tue 29 March 2011, 09:38
what is typ3 software like good or bad that can i use any comments

Tue 29 March 2011, 10:05

Tue 29 March 2011, 12:48
Type3 is an CAD/CAM software like Vectric Aspire or Artcam. Most chinese machines use that. As i recall vinyl cutter guys used older versions.
But I think older versions worked only with 2d like CUT2D.
New one as the website says is equiped with capabilities just like the competition.

Wed 10 August 2016, 12:14
It is actually one of the first Artistic CAD/CAM software ever been released back in the 80-90's. Also one of the most distributed platform to generate 2D-2.5D-3D G-Code and drive any CNC machine on the market. In the US many software names such as TYPE EDIT, GRAVOSTYLE, MECATYPE, TYPESIGN... run the same kernel and are sold as OEM Software solution with CNC machine worldwide, including Europe and China where an older version of the program is distributed with most of the CNC manufactured.

The main engine (kernel) used to be developed by Vision numeric, which has then been purchased by Gravograph-New Hermes. Vision numeric became "Type3 Software" after 2010 and the main software division of the now known Gravotech group, leader in Engraving and permanent markings. You can have a look at their website: http://www.type3.com/

Type3 brand gathers TYPE EDIT, LASERTYPE, TYPE3-CAA, 3DESIGN, 3SHAPER... various types of software for various industries.

TYPE EDIT being more for Milling application.
LASERTYPE : plasma, laser marking and deep engraving (3D)
TYPE3-CAA: Typographic tools for CATIA users
3DESIGN: CAD for the Jewelry market
3SHAPER: Sub-D Software to create organic 3D shapes

I used to work for one of their reseller, if there is any question let me know.