View Full Version : CoCreate Modeling Personal Edition 3.0

Wed 21 July 2010, 17:59
May be you have seen it,
may be you didn't...

I found this link : http://www.ptc.com/products/cocreate/

CoCreate looks like a "Dynamic Modeling" it will not record a history of actions like a parametric modeler but you can model in 3D by push/pulling, create assemblies, parts etc.
You can see it like Google sketchup on a lot of steroids :D (Sketchup is like paint compared)

I think this tool is great for some of the 3D modeling, where you don't need parametric relations between part, or need a history of items done on the part, just draw away, great for technical parts. it doesn't do V-Carving ;)

Export can be done in STL and VRML, it doesn't have build in CAM capabilities (at least not the PE version), you can create assemblies up to 60 parts.

Here is a intro:
Something more complex:
Curved surfaces: