View Full Version : 2.2 kw HF spindle drive Vancouver Canada

Wed 30 December 2009, 00:26
Happy holidays everyone,
I'm trying to set up my spindle with the AndeliGroup Inverter model #
ADL6000Z-2022. I'm sure it wired OK but I can't understand the manual translation, so the configuration probably isn't correct. It will run at one speed, about 250 rpm, and sounds like a typical inverter spindle, just won't go any faster, or slower. The inverter X1 to X5 terminals are a mystery.
My 3 major needs are:
I need to start/stop this spindle remotely with a set of dry SPDT contacts, get an error signal from it when it faults so the control will halt all movement and sound an alarm, and control the speed with the knob on the panel. Later on, the plan is to try controlling the speed from the CNC control. For now I'd be delighted to get it running. Would any one have any ideas how to go about getting this system operational.
I phoned Andeli in China but they need 24 hours to process the email response they promised to send. I tried Homeshopcnc but it's the holiday season. I'm looking for a rep or distributor in North America, haven't found any yet, does anybody have a rep's name?

And in the interests of safety, please note that my spindle came with out a ground connection to the motor casing, and I grounded the unused pin of the motor connector to the casing inside the end bell/cover for safety. If you decide to apply a ground, all the stator windings should be infinite resistance to ground. Cheers and
Happy New Year everyone,
Denis in Vancouver