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Old Sun 25 July 2010, 08:37
Just call me: dakmon
Cabinet Pro CNC

I would like to know from those with experience if Cabinet Pro CNC software would be a wise purchase for my Mechmate. Currently I have no software except Mach3 and like what I see with Cabinet Pro but would like to know if this would be a good purchase (they are offering a significant discount currently, for those who download their demos). It seems to be an all in one software package, but I certainly am no expert in this field.

Thanks for any help

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Old Sun 25 July 2010, 09:09
Just call me: David
That looks interesting to me as well. I've been looking into something this this but good programs with screen to machine capabilities can be upwards to $10,000 US. I'll be watching this thread with a lot of interest. I find it difficult to drop so much money on something that I'm not sure will fit the bill. And of course any of these high dollar programs are not backed up with money back guarentees?????? Be careful which of these programs you buy.
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Old Sun 25 July 2010, 10:31
Just call me: Cody
Lancaster (Pennsylvania)
United States of America
Not all in one.

From reading the website, i think that you will still need to have a machine control software, mach3,emc, etc. While the website is not tremendoously clear on the details, it says that it will generate g-code, but says nothing about machine control.

As far as the rest of the program, having the capability of designing and exporting directly to g-code could be very efficient, especially for someonevwho makes cabinets.

Though I'm not sure that the price tag is worth it, it's good for the free demo download. Keep us posted if you try it out.

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Old Mon 26 July 2010, 08:55
Just call me: dakmon
Has anyone been able to merge ecabinets with their Mechmate? I know there was some discussion a while back, but I have not seen much follow-up. This would seem to be a perfect solution for me if it is possible.

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