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Old Fri 19 July 2013, 20:56
Kevin Duan
Just call me: Kelvin
A Simple Introduction of CNC System

CNC Work Systems
A CNC router is actually a part of two dependant systems which must be employed in order to produce anything. There is a Design System and a Fabrication System. The Design System is comprised of the Concept, CAD/CAM (and files), and the CNC machine. The Fabrication System is comprised of Work holding, and the CNC machine.
The Design System starts with some kind of Concept of what you want to achieve.
The CAD/CAM phase involves drawing and/or use of preexisting files in order to bring that Concept to reality. The output of this phase are the tool path files the machine will use.

The CNC machine itself is involved because it dictates what can and cannot be done in particular dimensions, this has an effect on how the tool paths are made (design). How fast you can move the cutter is also machine dependant and impacts how you design the tool paths.

The Fabrication System starts with some piece of stock that must be affixed to the machine. This is called work holding or fixturing. The task and material may require some special way of affixing the stock or even a dynamic clamp that is part of the CNC machine itself. Fixturing is a constant issue when it comes to using the machine. If you process even a few different materials or stock configurations you will need multiple methods of work holding techniques. The CNC machine is (naturally) a component of the Fabrication System as well. The machine must be setup and reset with known references and often tool changes must be accomplished during fabrication.

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