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Old Sat 22 August 2009, 16:03
Daniel T
Just call me: Daniel
San Francisco
United States of America
Cutting Stainless Steel

Hi, I need to cut some stainless steel, it is really thin (0.5 mm) but im having trouble with the bits.

I have the manufacturers recomended bit but the problem is that the cutting length is about 11 meters so the bit gets really hot even with a mister at full power, and the bit only lasts 1 or maybe 2 of the 11 meter pieces and its getting really expensive...

any suggestions to how to fix this?

thank you very much
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Old Sat 22 August 2009, 19:39
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
What part of the MM are you making from Stainless? Normally cold or hot rolled is used.
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Old Sat 22 August 2009, 23:26
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Daniel, do you have a MechMate? This forum is for MM builders and the MM is not designed for cutting stainless steel.
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