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Old Wed 31 October 2018, 21:53
Just call me: AYE
Palo Leyte
MM build in the Philippines

Hi guys!
First off, I am really glad that I stumbled on this forum. I am Ariel, I am from the Philippines and I am about to begin building my MM. This is however my 2nd (big) CNC machine that I am building. I built 2 years ago a CNC plasma table with a Chinese cutter and a DIY drive systems made of bearings and angle iron rails.

For my MM, I am going for linear rails and bearing blocks, HGR20 in particular. I will be using SDSK Clearpath motors and Centroid controller. I have almost everything on hand except some electrical parts like breakers, contactors, relays and other stuff. For the main parts like the Clearpaths, HGR20s, frame materials, and spindle are on hand already.

My spindle is a water-cooled 4.2kW JGD 125/4.2 unit. And man its so massive at 26+ kilos!

My table dimensions is going to be 3.80m x 2.3m. It will be built entirely with channels.

When I first bought the MM plans, I thought I made a wrong purchase because there was no BOM. But then I realized that when I built my CNC plasma table, I had no plans with me to guide me through. So I thought, the MM plans was still a good move. Although my finished machine would be slightly different to the one on the plans, I would say it is still based on the MM parameters.

As much as I wanted to have the build completely logged and documented, I think it would be nearly impossible. However I think, I owe it to the MM community to at least post it when its completed and running.
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Old Thu 01 November 2018, 05:07
Just call me: John #26
Hebron, Ohio
United States of America
Welcome Aye. Many "MechMate" builds documented on this FORUM are variations on the "standard MechMate". Your build sounds very interesting. We would really appreciate seeing your progress. That spindle is a monster. Your experience with linear rails/blocks, Clearpath and Centroid would also be interesting to follow.
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Old Thu 01 November 2018, 05:57
Just call me: AYE
Palo Leyte
Hi John,
Thanks for your interest. I am particularly in the middle of researching on how I would be mounting my linear rails in the main channel beam. I am not quite sure yet on how to mill/grind or machine a smallish slot to where the rail is going to rest. The length of the channel which is almost 4 meters is going to be a challenge for my vertical mill and the space around it.

I am also considering of placing the rails on the "side" of the channel primarily to secure it from being bumped during material loading. I hope somebody could chime in to share their thoughts .
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