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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 04:37
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Kobus, notice the green and gold MM colours . . . it must be in honour of us South Africans
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 04:38
Robert M
Just call me: Robert
Lac-Brome, Qc
Send a message via Yahoo to Robert M Send a message via Skype™ to Robert M
Nicely done, congrad Jude.
Wishing you lots of dust
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 06:15
Just call me: Nils #12
Winter Park, FL
United States of America

Congratulations on finishing and getting #48.

It took approximately 21 months from the time #1 Fabrica finished his machine until #12 Nils finished my machine. But it has taken only 15 months to go from #12 to #48 Jude. And that is only the machines that have registered their build. I am sure there are many more machines that have been built but not registered.

Gerald, Thanks
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 07:01
Just call me: John #26
Hebron, Ohio
United States of America
Update Builder's Log


Congratulations on a great machine and Serial #48.

Here is the Updated Builder's Log.

Please review your Builder's Log entry and let me know any changes you want to make.
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 07:30
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
Awesome !! Congrats on the completion of your MechMate !!!
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 15:39
Just call me: Rick #45
Well done mate
Like the colors - just need a boxing kangaroo!
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Old Sat 13 February 2010, 21:23
Just call me: Ries #46
Send a message via MSN to riesvantwisk Send a message via Skype™ to riesvantwisk

congratulations with your number!
Don't forget to seal off your motors on the back with a piece of ducktape, wood dust tend to get in there and mess up your ball bearings or whatever there is in there

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Old Thu 11 March 2010, 20:07
Just call me: Jude #48
Wot's it cost.

I have compiled some of the costs to build a MM in Australia. The list is not complete and there are lots of things that I bought but are junk. Hope this helps the next builder,

Mech Mate Electronics Order, RS Components number and prices at September 2009

Transformer, 625VA, 2x40VDC, 223-8320, $169AUS

Diode, 35A, 1000V, 629-6358, $9.20

Capacitor, 100V, 22000uf, 381-9144, $55

Contactor Relay, 243-7410, $60.10

Disconnect Switch, 12A, 3 Pole, 433-9841, $79.70

Pause and Resume Switches, 318-878 & 318-856, $31 x 4

Steel Wall Case, 500mmx 400mmx 200mm, 207-7333 $233
(a slightly bigger case would be better)

Chassis plate for Case, 207-7478, $34.30

Belden CY type Cable, 4G, 1mm, 50m roll, 628-2264, $172
(This cable is a fair bit cheaper than the Lapp brand)

Cable Chain, Igus 62.5mm x 39mm, 75R, 236-4946, $57.80 pm x 3

Bootlace Furrule Kit, 513-2540, $24.20

Printer Cable extension, 6m, 480-557, $10.40

Crimp Connectors, 240V Spade, 534-351, $36 per 100

PMDX-122 Breakout Board from Practical Micro. with shipping, $116

Stepper Motors 4 of, and 4 Drivers from Motion King,with shipping, $967.08

The Crucial Bootlace Furrule Crimper (rachet type) I purchased at Altronics for about $50.

Just for your Information,

Jude #48
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Old Fri 12 March 2010, 14:56
Just call me: Jude #48
Steel Order

The transformer should read 40VAC and not DC. I have compiled some of the costs and dimentions of the steel used on my table.

Mech Mate Steel Order, Australian prices September 2009

2400mm x 1200mm x 250mm

X Beam, 180x75mm Parrallel Channel, 2x3m lengths, $313.11

Bearers, 75x40mm Parrellel Channel, 7x 1620mm lengths, $307.04

X & Y Rails, 65x65mm Angle, 2x 3360, 2x 2060mm, $144.45

Y Beams, 100x50x2mm Tube, 1700mmx2, $42.43

Y Rail Clamp strip, 1650mmx2, $6

Z slide, 4x 1/4 inch Ground Stock, 457mm length, $ 100.13
(from Bohler Uddeholm Sydney)

Laser Cut Parts $465
(Thanks to Rick Nixon)

Guide Wheels (14 of) and Eccentric Bushes (4 of) including shipping, $331.57
(from Rick Hoback at Superior Bearings, It may be worth also ordering the bearings(10 of) and bushes(4 of) for the
rail grinding skate, and the Y rail Idle roller from Rick)

I cannot find the invoice for the Waterpipe for the Table base, the pipes were not costly as I recall.
I think square or rectangle tube would be better and at least in Australia the metal is fairly cheap.

I bought all the metal from MetalLand in Lisarow and carried them all in my car (Kia Rio could still do 110kph+ on the
freeway with 2 X beams and the X&Y rails sticking out behind).

It would take a long time to compile a list of all the bolts and nuts and other bits needed (though I think someone has done it). I just
bought heaps of M8 and M6 nuts bolts and washers and have plenty of spares I will use some day.

Good luck with your Builds,

Jude #48
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Old Mon 28 June 2010, 03:03
Just call me: John, Still trying to earn a #
Pakenham, VIC
Great Build! I miss Sydney, havnt been up there in a while.

What model Steppers and Controllers did you get from MotionKing? I am looking around to get a cheaper set then the PK's and Gecko203v's.

How do they hold up direct drive? Is the resolution ok or are you going to put a belt drive in there?

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Old Tue 29 June 2010, 18:48
Just call me: Jude #48
John, the steppers are Motion King 34HS9801 ($55AUS each) and the drivers are Model 2LA860 ($95AUS each). I am extremely happy with both purchases. I had inititially thought about a geared belt drive, but find the resolution with direct drive quite impressive, and more than sufficient for my needs. I will post some more photos of the MM doing it's job, but later.
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Old Tue 25 October 2011, 15:22
Just call me: Jude #48
Here are some photos to show that my mechmate is not totally idle. The loo signs are in Gaelic, The Dory seats are ordinary C/D grade plywood that is finished with Stain and Varnish, The Scottish family crest is MDF also finished with Wattyl Teak Stain and Varnish, The serving tray is Merbou and cut with a cheap V bit that loses it's edge too fast. Also got off my arse to update my website, will update it again to showcase another invention. Link is
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Old Wed 26 October 2011, 01:59
Just call me: Gareth
the cd ply boat deck turned out very nice
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Old Tue 01 November 2011, 16:43
Just call me: Craig
Hartland, MI
United States of America
I thought my work commute was bad at just over 35 miles one way, but atleast I dont have to row to the mainland. How do you see over the top of those big fans to steer the hovercraft?
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