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Old Wed 17 June 2009, 03:12
Just call me: marko
Shipping laser cut parts to eastern europe

Hello, im planning to build an MM but i dontbelive that there is laser cut machine that can do the parts for me. I wonder how much would cost to ship me the parts in Croatia, easter europe. If someone can calculate th prices. And if anyone is interested, u can send me an offer so i can look it up more closely.

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Old Fri 26 June 2009, 00:06
Just call me: Kim
I have calculated the cost from Denmark for you.
But unfortunatly I don't deliver sets for the MM anymore.

Shipping costs from Denmark, would amount to almost 200 Euro.
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Old Wed 01 July 2009, 17:03
Just call me: milkov
We could offer you complete set of laser cut and formed parts. The price is 290 Euro/set + transport cost. We could organize transport for you. I believe that transport cost should not be more than 140 eur including bank cost and export procedure cost. We could check it if you are interesting. Also you could organize transport yourself and in that case you should calculate only 40 eur.
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