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Old Fri 31 October 2008, 19:09
Just call me: chopper
Big Lake Minnesota
United States of America
zeroing process/software

I have been studding for quite some time now, but I have limited knowledge of cnc software for routing
I have ordered most of the parts I need to get started on the machine,
so I started looking ahead to the software side of things, I am going to get a copy of mach, but is there other software needed to get this up and running?
also I was wondering how one sets up the machine before cutting? do you find an edge and zero from it? and find the height of the material and zero from that also? I would like a walk through of this process if some could do that, I am sure it is quite simple but if you have never done it you don't know or if I missed the thread on this please point me in the right direction...
Thanks Chopper
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Old Fri 31 October 2008, 19:49
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
You will need a cad program of some sort, there are many to choose from and many have been discussed on this forum. There is Autocad, Rhinocad, sheetcam and Vcarve Pro just to name a few. There are even some free ones out there and some fairly inexpensive ones as well. Just depends on what you want to do with it. For the Zeroing process look here to start.
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Old Sat 01 November 2008, 06:07
Just call me: Chuck
Port Aransas
United States of America

A while back I noted that Gerald posted advice that basically said the building of the machine is almost secondary to your real task....learning the software to run it. It's a fact.

Mach will generate the signals and run the controls that make the machine go. For design of the parts you will be cutting you will need a CAD program, a free one that is reasonably capable is cadstd. These two programs are both free to download (you'll need to pay for Mach 3 when you're ready to put the machine in operation).

Go ahead and learn the basics of these programs and the knowledge gained will help you while building the machine. You're going to have to learn it sooner or later anyhow.

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Old Sat 01 November 2008, 12:57
Just call me: chopper
Big Lake Minnesota
United States of America
thanks for the info the way I understand it is you do your design in a cad program, and then import it into mach 3 to actually cut it,

what type of file does mach accept? I currently use a program that will export in G code1, 2, and 3, dxf, vector etc. it is called sign lab ( like corell draw but way better) it is used for designing vector art for making signs, and I know it quite well if I could use it to import into mach3 I would be a head of the game there
thanks chopper
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Old Sat 01 November 2008, 23:17
Just call me: John #96
Glendora (California)
United States of America
mach accepts G-code, so you are ahead of the game!
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Old Mon 03 November 2008, 03:58
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
I really like the fact that you can use the zero block as an edge finder as well! Smart!
I think my only suggestion I have for my personal use is to engrave a set of cross hairs in the acrylic block for easier alignment for my tired eyes for center/center.
Thanks for the post.
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