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Old Wed 25 March 2009, 17:40
Just call me: Dan
Avon, IN
United States of America
Making a wish list

I am looking into making the "kitchen table" set up. and my question is simple:
From those of you that are more knowledgeable of these things, What brand and model number, (of control hardware) would you buy to outfit a new MechMate with? What different software packages would you recommend? Is there a company or someone on this forum that sells a "pre-packaged" kit?

I certainly want to learn about all these things, but I also want to move as fast as possible. I see no purpose in re-inventing the wheel, so I am sure there are many here that can make some sound recommendations on this.

As always, thank you for responding to help a novice get started.

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Old Wed 25 March 2009, 18:22
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
There is much reading to be done.

Try this to get started.


Power Supplys

Starting Point Thread for table

Kitchen Table Project (the electronics)

Breadkout board

Basic Control box

That should get you started. If you are looking for something in particular just do a general search and you will find lots of info. Also look at the build threads of guys that have their machines cutting, they have all pretty much gone with the standard set of hardware and will have it documented in their build threads.

Have fun.
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