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Old Wed 21 September 2022, 15:49
Just call me: Brent
United States of America
Exclamation Stepper moves in random directions (forward or backwards)

When running G-code (or jogging) the stepper will either move in the correct direction or in the opposite direction, randomly. I've replaced the Gecko drive and the wires to it (some looked pretty cooked). I even replaced the entire PC that I use to run the G-code; I made a clone as a spare, when I set up the machine.

Before and after all the attempts at repair, the malfunction happens exactly the same, without the slightest change. I don't know what to try next.
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Old Thu 22 September 2022, 08:12
Just call me: McMoo
United Kingdom
Is it just on one axis?

If you swap either the motor, or driver with another one does it keep doing it on the same one, or on the swapped one?
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