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Old Thu 20 June 2013, 19:44
Just call me: Russell #69
Mobile, Alabama
United States of America
DXF View for free.

Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have someone that does not have a CAD program they can view the DXF files in Gmail or with Google Doc Viewer. This has been working great as my customer has gmail and no CAD to speak of.
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Old Fri 21 June 2013, 01:01
Just call me: Ken
If anyone doesn't has a legal CAD copy, SolidEdge 2D is for free!!! & the best part is it is actually comparable with ACAD!

#PS, re-learning is a breeze if you are a hard core Auto Cad user.

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Old Fri 28 June 2013, 22:05
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
Free Cad

Download LibreCAD ( ). It is free and open source and works with DXF files. (works on Linux and Windows)

For an inexpensive commercial kin-of-cad look into CAMBAM ( ) it also generates generates G-Code. Available for Linux and Windows (same license file works on both - yes, I own a license)

And for a free 2D look into QCAD ( )
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Old Wed 20 March 2019, 13:47
oficina do corten
Just call me: oficinadocorten
São Paulo
DRAFTSIGHT from Dassault its a free 2d cad, almost identical to autocad, for me it works fine.
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