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Old Mon 20 October 2014, 15:36
Just call me: Dale
Adaptor plate or direct mount air spindle?

Hi folks, I have a cheap air cooled spindle. The motor just has has a massive aluminium extrusion that it is pressed into. It has a matrix of tapped mount holes but I'm tempted to just drill the two holes for the dowel pins and fit a stud for the through hole mount on the z slide.

Or, should I create an adaptor plate with matrix of screws to hold the spindle and dowels and stud for the z slide.
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Old Mon 20 October 2014, 19:37
Just call me: Jack
Nashville (Tennessee)
United States of America
Best guess

My best guess, and what I would do, but you must make your own decision [sorry, software guy so weasel words are required] ...

My suggestion is, if you think you might want to swap spindles, put it on a mounting plate so you could swap spindles (to router, air-drill, other spindle, etc), is the best and most flexible solution.

If you are only ever going to use this one spindle and don't plan on ever changing, mount it directly, to save a little cash.

Still, preferred method would be mount it to a replaceable mounting plate, IMHO.
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