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Old Sat 27 August 2011, 21:09
Just call me: Ross #74
Hi All

Yes the bearing is at the bottom of the straight cutter as Gerald has indicated.
The bearing follows the machine cut part of the profile and trims the tabs off.
Even once the part has been cut free any roughness can be further trimmed freehand.

In general though, the machine itself should do as much of the work as possible.
If the table is set up well trimming of very thin tabs can be cut with a "Stanley" knife (a very sharp cutting blade).

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Old Sun 28 August 2011, 00:18
Just call me: Ken
If the job is small enough to manipulate hand; I prefer to place a piece of sand paper on a flat surface & bring the job to the sand paper, all it need is a single rub at the right direction on the edge.
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Old Sun 28 August 2011, 03:38
Just call me: Danilo #64
Novi Sad
Silly me ! the board is turned over and then trimmed, then its easy to figure out why use bottom bearing
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Old Sun 28 August 2011, 09:02
Rusty Nuts
Just call me: Gary #86
Valley Grande, AL
United States of America
HI Melissa,

Looking at post 309 the V-roller appears to be pitted. Maybe just pitch form the wood or is there some grounding issues. I noticed you have ground wires.

Boxes look great. On the inside corners of the tabs did you go back and trim them square to get your fit where the matting side comes together?

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Old Mon 29 August 2011, 10:59
Just call me: Camille
Urbana, Illinois
United States of America
Gary, as I recall, the black on the V-rollers was just crud building up, not electrical arcing.
Also, yes, we trimmed the tabs to get the pseudo-dovetail to seat fully.
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