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Old Thu 08 March 2018, 21:12
Just call me: faelan
United States of America
Video card for drafting?


I just got contacted by a family member whose husband is about to get a drafting job, and they may want to build a PC, but they're behind on the latest tech, so they turned to me for advice.Now I'm pretty sure for drafting, you want a good GPU as well as CPU. For CPU I'm thinking Sandy Bridge i5-2500, but I'm about six months behind the times on CPU knowledge. (We don't need 2500K because that's integrated GPU, IIRC.)So, what kind of GPU specs should something like AutoCAD want/need?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

Digital production studio

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Old Sat 10 March 2018, 19:16
Just call me: Ger
Detroit, MI
United States of America
Autodesk recommends high end Workstation OpenGL cards.

However, AutoCAD will run just fine on just about any gaming video card when doing 2D drawings, and simple 3D models.
When doing complex 3D work in AutoCAD, the GPU is very important when models get complex. Most other 3D CAM can get away with much lower requirements.
Imo, very few people use AutoCAD for complex 3D work, as parmateric modelers like Inventor and Solidworks are the standard.

Fwiw, I've been using AutoCAD daily for the last 20 years. At work, I run AutoCAD 2018 on a $1200 Dell computer.
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