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Old Sun 12 July 2009, 14:55
Just call me: Ros
Canary Islands
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Bearings precision levels

Here in this web see the different precision levels from a bearing,

Are our dual vee bearings a good level?


Bearing Precision Levels

Machine tool builders can choose from different levels or classes of bearing precision to meet their specific requirements. Timken tapered roller bearings are available in a complete range of precision classes. This table provides broad guidelines for bearing class selection.

From lowest to highest precision

Class C / 3

* Low precision machines
* Drills
* Conventional lathes
* Milling machines
* Precision gear drives

Class B / 0

* NC lathes
* Milling/boring machines
* Machining centers

Class A / 00

* Grinding machines
* Jig boring machines
* Workpiece spindles (cylindrical grinder)

Class AA / 000

* High accuracy machines
* Precision measuring instruments
* Special applications
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Old Sun 12 July 2009, 21:57
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
In that language, the MM is a "Low precision machne" and the wheels have a very low max speed.
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