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Old Fri 01 July 2016, 06:05
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
I know your out there !!!!!!

Man - I know it summer time and a great time to be out and about. But man its quite on the forum of late. We have people joining and reading the forum which is awesome !! Just would like to see a few of you sound off and start some build threads !!!
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Old Wed 06 July 2016, 16:02
Just call me: DB #118
United States of America
Only just noticed this message myself. Being at the bottom of the main page, it may not get noticed unless someone scrolls all the way down to the bottom.

it does seem the build activity has really dropped off. Have you at least been selling plans?
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Old Mon 11 July 2016, 17:38
Robert M
Just call me: Robert
Lac-Brome, Qc
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When I joined the CNC making wave nearly 10yrs ago, it was then, In my opinion, a social exciting thing to be part of "any" group for making your own CNC ! was new !!
Today, in 2016, it's still exciting.....but in my's passť !!....and exiting "quite" only for the builder, not much excitement for anyone else.
To many tech things are replacing this beautiful Beast making (3D printers, Small laser machine, DIY tabletop CNC, drones.....and on !)

Strange comparison, but for me, it's quite like the hot rod era....still appreciated, but a...."fad social interest !'s a "has been", but when you see one (Hot-Rod), you still go....Ooo-haa "

Take care guys, later.... ^_^!!
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