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Old Tue 05 October 2010, 11:55
Just call me: Dan
Newbie from Singapore

Hi All,
I am residing in Singapore and is planning a build a MM destined for Thailand. I know nothing about CNC and is learning a lot from this forum. I had spent worthful countless hours reading this forum and the plan. Have a slight better understanding now and will continue to read to accomplish my MM build mission. It’s really terrific to hear and knowing many of us are getting help from so many “gurus” from this forum. The 5-axis MM I planned to build will eventually be used in Thailand to cut and mill bamboo culms, laminated bamboo and bamboo plywood for my retirement bamboo house project. For a start, I will begin with a 4-Axis build first. I am expecting to receive my PMDX-122 and Gecko 203V in about 2 weeks time. Have received some quotes:
- PK296A2A-SG7.2 @SGD366.30 each and PK299-F4.5A @SGD247.50 each. Still contemplating which one to buy between the two.
-a set of 8" Rotary table with stepper motor ( 86 X 78mm, 4.0A ) @US$850
I am thinking to start with the electronics in Singapore and then the gantry and table in Thailand. I am confident I am able to get help from the forum members when needed.
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Old Tue 05 October 2010, 13:56
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
Welcome Dan! Sounds like you have been reading and are well on your way! Good luck.
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Old Wed 06 October 2010, 10:19
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
Welcome to the team !!!
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Old Wed 06 October 2010, 23:24
Just call me: Ken
welcome Dan!
You should have no problem sourcing parts in Singapore.
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Old Wed 27 October 2010, 09:06
Just call me: Dan
Preparing for a Kitchen Table Project

Thanks for all your encouragement. The more I read, the more it helps me with my journey. Had received delivery of 4xOM PK299-F4.5A locally, PMDX-122 BOB, PMDX-135 Power Prep Module; Hammond 1000VA Torroid Transformer (182V24) & 4xG203V Drivers from US. Other stuffs bought locally are : 800x600x300 metal enclosure, 7- and 4-core Lapp cables, parallel cable, thermistor, RCCB, MCB, DIN rail terminals, lugs, 9-15 solid state relay. Can't source ENSTO load break switch locally. May have to go with Moeller switch instead. Still have to buy emergency and other switches before I am ready for my kitchen table project. Is the 1000VA transformer overkill for my need? Any comments are greatly appreciated. All these components are totally new to me, so it'll be a challenge for me. While awaiting for my table project, I am working on 10 10 300D and 10 10 302D - 75x40 C Channel cross-bearers. Expecting to receive delivery of the laser cut kit from CV around week of Nov 9. I will need your guidance as time goes.
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File Type: jpg !IMG_0067_CrossBearer.jpg (33.4 KB, 422 views)
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Old Sun 07 November 2010, 10:48
Just call me: Dan
Construction started .. making some progress

After much repeated readings - MM plan, PMDX-122 and Gecko manuals, I finally started my construction and is making some progress. I am 100% confident MM is a sure-proof industrial equivalent CNC machine and I really salute Gerald for his all his excellent works and efforts. I know nothing about mechanical or electrical and is learning a lot on these subject matters from this forum and all the members' contributions. The fun started now and I'm enjoying my build. I'm attaching a preliminary design of my sustainable bamboo house project in Chiang Rai, North Thailand. It will give you an idea on what I am going to use MM for, and I am sure it will be heavily use for my retirement house project.

I am working on all the small workpieces - electronics 10 10 123, 10 10 102, 10 70 230, 10 40 000. I am expecting delivery of my lasercut-bending materials early next week. I bought a portable welding machine. Will learn how to weld. I have not buy the main beams and X-rails. They are too long to fit into my car to transport them to my apartment.

Had a problem with M1 10 110. I sawed the steel rail too deep - height throughout the rail was between 25mm to 28mm. Shall I grind the rail height througout to 25mm high or must I re-do this piece? Please help! Here's a photo of how I saw it with a 4-inch portable saw and grinded the rail.

My plan build (cutting area 2440 x 1220mm) for the table structural is to bolt-on (not welding) the main longitudinal beams to the welded side frames. I am taking this approach for easy dissembly and have a door clearance to bring Mechmate into my public housing apartment's main door entrance and into a small room where it will sit. Also, I don't have much space around my apartment for my construction work.

Sorry for the poor quality images. The shots were taken from a mobile phone camera. If you see anything wrong with any of my constructions, kindly do let me know. Your feedback is important to me.
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File Type: gif C04_260453 [800x600].gif (62.4 KB, 371 views)
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Old Sat 13 November 2010, 10:47
Just call me: Dan
Had an offer to use an old workshop for my build. The owner, an old man, is not running much activity in his workshop due to health reason. I brought all my tools, drill press, new welding machine and MM workpieces from home to the workshop. Got the main beam 150x75mm C-channel and 65x65mm angle iron delivered and started working on the main beam outside the workshop space. When the owner noticed my inexperienced welding skill, he helped to connect me to a freelance welder to assist. Within the next hour, the welder was on site and make my Day. It's nearly 1am nlocal time now. nd I will post photos of my progress later.

Last edited by ramdan; Sat 13 November 2010 at 10:56.. Reason: Image not correctly attached.
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Old Fri 05 February 2016, 05:26
Just call me: Nikonauts
Encik Ramdan,

I know it's 2016 already, but I am curious about your machine's progress.
How is it going?

I'm in Johore.
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