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Old Wed 18 March 2015, 11:28
Just call me: gallcorn
Katy Tx
United States of America
Upgrading Router to Mach3

I'm trying to upgrade my old Axyz brand router I purchased in 1996ish to run on Mach3 by adding a new controller. I purchased a breakout board from Campbell designs, but I have no idea how to even start wiring it up! I hope some of the experts on here can guide me! I'm trying to figure out, whether I need to keep using existing connection board, and just replace controller board that talks to Mach3, or I need to scrap it all, and start over. I have included link to pictures showing each existing board, and overall control box. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Old Thu 19 March 2015, 00:56
Just call me: Ken
You gotta be a lot more specific when you ask for help.

#ps, I reckon you don't need a Cambel board to convert to Mach3.
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Old Fri 20 March 2015, 10:31
Robert M
Just call me: Robert
Lac-Brome, Qc
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Hate to shoot you this "realty check", but this is a group for MechMate "makers".....not swap from AXYZ or other DIY....In my opinion your most likely welcome aboard, don't get me wrong, but your question should be addressed more on either the CNCzone....or better, the Mach3 support forum.
Best of luck with your project.
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Old Wed 25 March 2015, 10:39
Just call me: Mike
South Jordan, UT
United States of America
Read the posts under the "Electrical and Electronic" section. You should find enough information to get started on your project. The electronics used with Mach 3 will work with a lot of different brands of CNC routers; however, because YOU will be the designer of YOUR router and its electronics, experiment a little until you understand how each part of the control box works.
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