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Old Sat 20 February 2010, 23:49
Just call me: Gareth
starting to build this week

after being a member on this forum since may 09 and visiting every day, i have now decide to take the big step and start to build.

my background is i run a construction company doing interiors and carpentry we have our own dry wall guys, carpenters and joiners. we have always sent out our cabinet work and done only solid timber in our factory.

i am building this machines just for the sake of doing it hopeful it will prove usefully for us as a bonus.

my factory is around 4500 sf and is almost full that is why i am only going to build a machine to take 3x1.8mt sheets, we use mostly 2700 long sheets as office fit outs all doors and revels are 2700mm.

i am a bit stressed about the kitchen table project but with everyone out there on this site plus help of one of my mates it should be ok,

the table will be fully welded, the legs will be 90x90x3mm SHS with 90x40x3 RHS for the base frame and 200PFC main rails.

from what i have read for a table to machine 3050 my main beams will be just under 3700 and for 1800 it will be 2300mm.

i have a fair bit of steel in my factory left over from a job so this is going to be no issue.

as far as tools go my place is well set up, with have a magnetic drill & drill press, stick welder (may upgrade as its a pain in the butt when it over heats) Makita metal circular saw both cordless and 240v and dewalt steel cut off saw.

i plan on cutting the rails down with the makita saw with guide, then have my local saw sharpener grind the rails for me (as done by others before the skate was developed) depending on cost, as its not my idea of fun to use an angle grinder for a couple of days straight.

for the running gear i am going down the gecko road and am thinking very hard about getting geared motors to save the hassle of making the reduction gears.

i am more than likely going to go down the router road for now as they have proven to work plus is not a big cost to upgrade at a later date.

thanks to Gerald for designing this beast and for metal head for taking it on, for all the other guys in Ozz who have built there machines that i can get ideas off for sourcing parts.

so if any one is in Sydney any time let me know and we Can catch up, i am planning on hold a BBQ at my place in April or may for the woodwork forum that i also post at, so it would be good to have the beast in skeleton form by then.

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Old Sun 21 February 2010, 03:11
Just call me: Matt
Great to hear your jumping in! Good luck with your build.

90x90 will be some good solid legs. Along with the 90x40 RHS it will look great.

The geared motors in oz will set you back about AU$1300 including shipping for the 4 motors. If the cost isn't an issue and you don't need extra low backlash then go for them. But if you decide to try a belt drive, PM me your email address and i can send through my design for a welded 4:1 drive if your interested.


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Old Sun 21 February 2010, 04:09
Robert M
Just call me: Robert
Lac-Brome, Qc
Send a message via Yahoo to Robert M Send a message via Skype™ to Robert M
Well Gareth, a good move you will not regret.
As for your kitchen table project, it may seems imposing and intimidating but once you’re in it, it will go quite smoothly. Key factors are a well balanced recipe. BOB, transformer, drivers…..
But with so many example around here with good success to inspire from, it should make your selection a breeze.
Like many aspect of life, we always worry on what we apprehend not what we estimate & know…
Good luck and if your take your time, all WILL be fine
Amicalement, Robert
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Old Sun 19 September 2010, 06:00
Just call me: Gareth
well, i am still here my build is got off to slow start, my steel is sitting in the corner looking at me,

on to the kitchen table project i have seen the thread on using an alternative to gekos with "asian" controlers which makes little differnce by the look of it,

i some how today found these DIY kit for controllers would they be ok?

being $25 bucks each there is a decent cost saving.
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Old Sun 19 September 2010, 10:53
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
These drivers you pointed to still use ballast resistors. This is VERY old technology. If you are really interested in building your own drive, take a look at He has a lot of DIY Drive designs as well as a lot of interesting info on steppers and drives in general.
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Old Sun 19 September 2010, 17:33
Just call me: Jayson #18
Hi Gareth,

I used those exact same controllers on my first cnc machine which was many years ago. These controllers are fine for learning about cnc but would not be suitable for the mechmate machine. Due to the design of the controllers they only allowed my machine to go at 1200mm/min. For a Mechmate this would be painfully slow.

Hope this helps a little, I look forward to seeing your progress.


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Old Sun 19 September 2010, 21:39
Just call me: Gareth
thanks guys,

quick answer to a dumb idea, i actual found it by accident.

i can not wait to get this thing working, there are some very nice machines being built and very impressive work being done
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Old Mon 06 December 2010, 01:29
Just call me: Gareth
had a few big changers in my life, and the progess on the mechmate has slowed to a stop,

back into now (i hope).

the whole wiring thing is still stressing me, so i had a few hours spare on weekend where i did a basic wiring diagram.

hopeful i can make this a starting point to do all the wiring off,

what size wire is best to use in wiring inside the control box?
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Old Mon 06 December 2010, 16:35
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
Please see The Electrical and Electronics Section of the forum. Have a look at the posts in here, most of this should be covered.
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