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Old Fri 01 February 2008, 10:15
Just call me: spider
United States of America
Desperately in need of sound advice.

I want to build a CNC router to help make furniture, could anyone tell me were to get a plan complete, with parts list. And recommend a VERY user friendly software. That could help me designs parts for such as kitchen cabinets. I have found a few programs that I can draw my designs; however there is no mention of how to cut out my designs. I would like to apologize for my lack of know how.
Old Fri 01 February 2008, 10:24
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
You found the right place. Welcome to the MechMate forum.
Just sit down, and start reading and downloading the plans. It's all here...just start exploring.
Old Fri 01 February 2008, 10:28
Just call me: Paul
Leamington, Ontario

Welcome, you've come to the right place if you are looking for cnc router plans. The plans are available on this sight thanks to the kind generosity of Gerald D. Everything you need to know to build a cnc router is available on this sight, but you will have to do the research yourself. There are a lot of guys willing to help you, if you show that you are willing to do the leg work required. Don't expect a handout. A lot of the fun of this build is in the self discovery of the already available info on how to build this machine. I joined this sight about 6 weeks ago and have already started a build.
Start reading each thread of each forum. Enjoy.

Old Fri 01 February 2008, 11:17
Greg J
Just call me: Greg #13
Hagerman, New Mexico
United States of America

Agree with Sean and Paul.

One suggection I would recommend is to start a filing system. As you read a thread covering a component and find a post that you need, print them off and file. There is a HUGH amount of information and trying to remember where that post was, several months later is time consuming. At least it was for me. My memory is not what it use to be.

Welcome, you will have the time of your life building a MechMate.
Old Fri 01 February 2008, 11:34
Just call me: Doug #3
Conway (Arkansas)
United States of America

Welcome. I also have a recommendation. Don't wait until you've built your MM to start learning the software. Most of the vendors will allow you to download a trial version. Yeah, they have limitations but that's not a big deal since you don't even have a machine at that point. Get the trial versions and on the nights that it is too cold to work in your shop or you are just worn out, take a break and play with the software. By the time you get your machine finished, you'll be ready to go or at least you'll be ahead of the game. You will need three (more or less) software packages. A design program (Corel Draw, Abode Illustrator, AutoCAD, TurboCAD, etc.), a CAM program (SheetCAM, ArtCAM, FeatureCAM, etc.) and a machine controller (everyone uses Mach3 to run their MM). You specifically asked about a design program. A few days ago, I purchased TurboCAD Deluxe. It comes with a disk full of tutorial programs that have a couple hundred short lessons. Very simple to operate but appears to be pretty powerful and it only cost about $100 at Office Depot.
Old Fri 01 February 2008, 13:40
Just call me: Bernard
Georgetown Texas
United States of America
Ho Spider,

You sound like a guy in a hurry. Realistically there's a long road ahead and a big investment both financial and time.

You say you want to make furniture and later talk about kitchen cabinets, are you mainly interested in flatware such as cabinets or also furniture as in tables, chairs, desks etc. The reason I ask is that there is a world of difference both drawing and machining flat sheet and true 3d items, for whatever reason quite a lot of people have difficulty drawing in 3d.

I suggest that like any journey you start with a plan, some of the questions I would ask are:
Where am I now? (What relevant skills do I already have, what do I need to learn.)
What resources do I have? (How much space. What tools do I have, what do I need to rent or buy.)
What's the ballpark cost? (Free plans are a major saving, but there are parts you just have to buy. Same with the electrical, electronics and software.)
What's the time frame? (You can get some idea from reading the posts on this site as to MM construction time, but it is very dependent on the facilities and knowledge the individual builders already had. Doug's suggestion of getting software early is great, just to give you an idea the Mach3 setup tutorial is 2.3 Mbyte and using Mach3Mill is nearly 4 Mbyte. The CNC learning curve is very steep in addition you need to throw in the CAD package and the intricacies of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). )

As Greg said in an earlier post; there is an enormous amount of information out there but each step takes its own time dependent on what background and recourses you are bringing to it.
Old Fri 01 February 2008, 13:53
Just call me: Heath
Cornwall, Ontario
Welcome to the MM forum. Dont have much else to say as everyone has pretty much said it. Have fun.
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