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Old Fri 28 January 2011, 10:39
Just call me: Melissa #83
Brighton (Ontario)
Drilling / Welding the Spider - Order of Operations?

I just wanted to be sure about the order of drilling / welding the various bits on the spider (10 40 432).

- drill and tap six holes, M8 (10 40 432 D)
- use temporary bolts to hold nuts (10 40 432 W) and bearing supports (M1 20 220 T) in place on the spider
- weld the nuts and bearing supports
- remove temporary bolts and flatten the spider as necessary.

Does that all sound correct?
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Old Fri 28 January 2011, 12:21
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
And if you really want to get the set up even closer, you can do the following:
- drill slightly oversized holes and do not tap
- use temporary bolts to hold the bearings, spacer and REAL z-slide in the NUETRAL eccentric position
- weld nuts on back side
- remove and flatten as necessary.

This method will ensure any inconsistencies in the grinding of the vee profile on the z-slide are accounted for in your layout on the spider.

I have had a lot of practice at date, I have manufactured 7 spiders with this method. (I like the practice)

Good luck.
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