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Old Wed 16 July 2008, 08:51
Just call me: Mulyadi
Homing Sequence In MACH3 and EMC2

I understand that Mechmate gentry type CNC router with tandem axes-XX ( 2 motors on the X movemet) is using MACH3 CNC software.
Looking at the User Manual of MACH3, the configuration for this tandem axes is quite straight forwards.
From Mechmate users, I like to know whether there is any problem for the homing sequence of the 2 motors on X movement.
Seemly basic requirement for CNC machine operation of this "homing", can be quite complicated for
tandem axes configuration, such as in the case of EMC2. (Detail discussion on EMC2 Forum on Tandem Axes-YY).
I would appreciate to get some opinions on this matter.
Thank you,
Lie S.T.
Nanyang Technological University
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Old Wed 16 July 2008, 10:12
Greg J
Just call me: Greg #13
Hagerman, New Mexico
United States of America

I'm using Mach3 and prox. sensors. Setting up Mach3 is easy and straignt forward. The "other" X axis is setup as A and a slave to the first motor.

My Mach3 homing/zero routine works great on the MechMate.
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Old Wed 16 July 2008, 10:16
Gerald D
Just call me: Gerald (retired)
Cape Town
South Africa
Autosquare homing was discussed here as well:
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Old Mon 25 May 2009, 11:02
Just call me: Irfan #33
The right answer -extract from a email conversation

Under config/ General config there is a check box for "home Slave with
Master" That should fix your trouble


irfan ullah wrote:
> HI, I built a mechmate and everything's well - but when I home - the slave motor will not turn at all.
> At jog and cut simulation - both axis perform well - but when I hit home - it doesn't work so well - and only one motor of the slave configuration works
> Have I missed anything on the settings?
> Kindly help me here
> Irfan
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