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Old Sun 19 February 2012, 04:33
Just call me: Ross #74
Not Reading, Not Listening and No idea

Is is just me or has the incidence increased of "Internet Idiots" making big claims, posing complex questions and generally adopting a selfish stance on obtaining what they can from the forum while effectively returning nothing back.

I also understand that an uncooperative 'bona fide expert" forum member is also an equally painful stereotype.
We all occasionally make claims about what we might like to do, driven primarily by a overestimate of our free time, intellectual skill, craftsmanship etc. but it is still relatively easy to determine that they were made with good intent.

1. By all means ask a question but also ask yourself first, what you have read before asking the question and what don't you understand about what you have taken the time to already read.

2. When you possess an "opinion" ask yourself do you have any supporting evidence for that "opinion" and what is the quality of the "evidence" you have.
For those of you high on opinion and low on fact the important words are in parenthesis in the previous sentence!

3. When you do know something do you summarise, refine and define what you know for others or selfishly hold what you know close while asking others to give.
To summarise this point have you shared, contributed and given back?

4. Be prepared to entertain the idea that you don't know what you don't know.
Sounds so simple however knowing one option really well while having no knowledge of others does not lead to a good quality of information.
As a case in point the wild claims I see about VFD's and spindles often have no basis in reality.

5. There are another 1,000 points to this rant but already I'm tiring as I am wise enough to know the next internet idiot, self appointed expert etc., etc., etc. is just around the corner

Let it all out here, this thread NEEDS to be heard, so add your potted wisdom and leave a trail of active discouragement for those that really need it

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