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Old Wed 27 January 2010, 04:39
Just call me: Ken
Setting A-axis terminal as X2-axis in EMC2


For as far as I know, nobody has this problem, but since I'm undeniably Electronics Handicapped...
anything can go wrong...

I have problem running the X1 & X2 motors together under EMC2 control.

From what I learn, there are 2 ways to connect X1 & X2 drivers to the BOB.

1) The hardware approach,
Parallel X1 & X2 drivers to the X-axis terminal on the BOB, configure the parallel port pin in EMC (or Mech2) & swap the coil phase of one of the motors.

This is good for as long as the BOB can source enough current to drive the parallel connected Drivers.

2) Software approach
In EMC2, Connect X1 to the usual X-axis terminal & X2 to the A-axis terminal on the BOB, reassign the A-axis Step & Dir pin in EMC2 and set to Active low.

I'm determined to use the 2) software approach. but if all effort to right it went wrong...which is a highly possible in my case I'll have to resort to the hardware approach...

I just could I'd just made my motors turn in my kitchen table project.

I'm using SINYU BOB,
(* I have no intention to be their spokeman & the selection is solely base on tech & economic)

In the Stepconf Wizard,

I select the Axis configuration as XYZA

The parallel port pin set up is as follows:-
pin 1 => unused
pin 2 => unused
pin 3 => unused
pin 4 => X Step (invert) * originally for A axis which I use for X2
pin 5 => Z Step
pin 6 => Y Step
pin 7 => X Step * this is X1
pin 8 => Y Direction
pin 9 => Charge pump (invert)
pin 10 => unused
pin 11 => E-stop (invert)
pin 12 => unused
pin 13 => unused
pin 14 => X Direction (invert) * originally A dir, I now use as X2 dir
pin 15 => unused
pin 16 => Z Direction
pin 17 => X direction

* I omit the external input such as home, limits & aux external switches to simplify the trouble shooting.

But curiously, when I click on the "test this axis" button in the stepconf wizard, only the X2 responded but X1 motor stays stationary...

but the hardware check out ok when I convert the X2 to A-axis & all motor turned when the axis test were carried out.

I tick on the invert column, swap BOB terminals, swap jumper pins, swap motors, swap drivers & nothing helps...

I then send mail to the supplier & they send the address to the manual & asked me to wait for them to talk to their tech ppl....
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Old Wed 27 January 2010, 06:26
Just call me: Brad #10
United States of America
On mine:

Axis configuration is XYZ
(My pins are different, but I have: )
Pin 2 is X Step
Pin 3 is X Direction (inverted)
Pin 8 is also X Step
Pin 9 is X Direction (inverted)

I wired my motors on the X axis to run against each other by reversing one phase on one motor, which is why there is no reverse in software.

I'm not sure if the test axis works or not, but EMC itself does.

I note above that you don't seem to have had the X1 motor ever turn. You should probably concentrate on that one first, in case there's a problem there, which could be software or hardware.
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Old Wed 27 January 2010, 06:40
Just call me: Ken
Problem solved!
Is a misnomer... Being new to this I took every step cautiously & not wantting to skip steps... BUT this time round, I fired up AXIS & ran the sample G-Code & everything worked out beautifully!

There was nothing wrong with my stepconf after all!

*PS, the motor quartet sang like angel from heaven!
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