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Old Mon 02 July 2012, 14:59
Just call me: Nils #12
Winter Park, FL
United States of America
I agree with Sean.

I think you will be happier at the CNC Zone where others are building machines of all kinds of designs. The MM forum is primarily focused on a MM machine with slight variations that the build wants.

Good luck with your build.
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Old Tue 03 July 2012, 04:49
Just call me: Mike
Columbiana AL
United States of America
I agree with Sean and Nils also. BUT I do also think you will be more satisfied in the long run to get the kits I sell and build a MechMate.

These kits are for sure not plug and play. They give you a running start on getting a machine going without duplication errors or "I ordered the wrong parts !! " errors. Sell the stuff you have now over on the zone if it won't work on a MM.

Also you will find on this forum many finished platforms and support focused on one machine. We do that here so you have a built in support system for the machines once they are built. That is probaly the best item/thing that comes with building a MechMate .... real people with real experience telling you (more often than not) what NOT to do becuase THEY did it and it costs them a lot and it did not work in the end and they came back to the basic design.

Have fun on your build. But if your not doing a MM you will get more feedback on the Zone.
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Old Tue 03 July 2012, 08:39
Just call me: Sean - #5, 28, 58 and others
Orlando, Florida
United States of America
..Continuation of thought.
I re-read the rail post a few times last night with regard to the requirement of the angle iron rail being cut to the proper height for the capped rail system to work effectively.

I then saw the post above that with pictures of Charles idea for mounting the cap rail. Both assumptions of your post indicate that your putting the rail itself on top of the bisected rail section.

This is not the method developed, but others have done exactly what is shown with success.

Gerald worked out a method that the cap rail base (which is the factory machined surface furtherest away from the point) to sit on an extruded architectural aluminum angle thus taking the leg length cut out of play. If you using steel structural angle, then you will have to have an accurate leg height (which the skate cut method does).

There is not point to this post other than me clarifying the assumptions in the prior post.
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