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Old Mon 18 January 2010, 13:00
Just call me: rob

I guess it creates drawing as well,... I bought an old pc from ebay, and found it alrealy installed..
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Old Mon 18 January 2010, 16:24
Just call me: Leo #41
Soddy Daisy , Tn
United States of America
Master Cam can be used for drawing 2D and 3D and output your G code. You will still need Mach to run your machine .
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Old Tue 19 January 2010, 06:47
Just call me: Jesse
St Johns
United States of America
MasterCam to autodesk.


I have my own CNC and I have to use three programs to run it. First use a cad program like solid-works or autocad to draw your part. I personally use autodesk. It is a lot easier then doing it in Mastercam. You can draw in mastercam but you will pull less of your hair out doing it in some other software. After that's all done save your drawing and open MasterCam. Go through the window options and open your cad drawing. Mastercam can open just about any file you can think of. You name it, it can take it. Then do you cnc programing. After you are all done post your file to match your cnc operation software. I use Linux or Mach3. They both have there own special post that you need to select. refer to the manufacture. After that's all done transfer your G-code to that software. Once your cnc is all setup then you can begin to run you program. There is a lot of jumping around, but in the end you will be set to go.

Good luck
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Old Mon 15 February 2010, 15:11
Just call me: Jimmy
MX3 Machine definition, and control definition setups


So I've been trying to setup our machine definition and control definitions in mastercam X3

and its very confusing to me, the documentation is terrible, does anyone here know specifics about the machine and control definitions setup process?

are there online rescources that better explain the process than the documentation?

this is for a 5" X 10" mechmate table.

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